Headshaking treatment with Electroacupuncture

This year Mai has been one of the cases of headshaking (HS) that we have been treating. 

Mai started suffering from HS last year. As expected with seasonal HS, it came back this spring stronger than last year. The owner tried different treatments, but none seemed to work and the horse became very unsafe to ride. In April she got in contact with Integravet and after a thorough examination, we started Electroacupuncture with the aim to reduce the hypersensitivity of the trigeminal nerve.

During the treatments, the HS was gradually getting better and her owner could start riding her again. After just 5 treatments, we can happily say that the HS has stopped 100%.

Electroacupuncture has been shown to have the same efficacy (60-70% success rate) for HS that PENS has (a new treatment carried out in some hospitals), but we can do it at your yard and a much more affordable price. We use a very mild sedation and as you can see, Electroacupuncture is very well tolerated by Mai. HS can be a nightmare for many owners and horses, but we can help you manage the condition.