Integrative treatments can be used to treat a large number of conditions. They can be used as a sole treatment or to complement conventional veterinary treatments. We understand the importance of making the patient feel as happy and secure as possible. So, we offer a visiting service to your house or yard to enable your animal to feel as relaxed as possible.

Some animals may not tolerate the medication that has been prescribed for their condition, or you may just want to avoid the secondary effects that prescribed drugs have on your animal’s health. Other times you cannot use prescribed medication with your animal due to the regulations and withdrawal times. In these scenarios and considering that anti-inflammatory drugs don’t heal, targeting just the symptom (pain) instead of the cause of the problem, is when Integravet can help, offering you integrative therapies as a great alternative to treat your animal and to bring them back to their normal health with no secondary effects.


We might need to contact your usual vet and ask for a full history of your animal in order to later integrate conventional and holistic veterinary  approaches to establish the best treatment.

At the first examination, we will compile a thorough history report of your animal. We will do a clinical examination and palpation and check the range of mobility, in order to establish an accurate diagnosis according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Following examination, one single therapy or a combination of therapies may be carried out. This will depend on individual cases and might change in further sessions to adapt the treatment to the animal’s need in that moment.

Complementary therapies can be used as a sole treatment, but frequently we will work in a co-operative manner alongside your usual vet, keeping them informed throughout the duration of the treatment.

Duration and frequency of the treatments:

Please, allow around 60-90 min for the first session, with further sessions lasting around 30-45 min. This may be longer or shorter depending on the animal and the condition. Re-examination of the patient prior to each treatment will be necessary on every visit, because their needs might change as recovery begins.

The number of treatments is variable depending on the severity and duration of the symptoms. A new injury or illness may resolve in 1 or 2 treatments. However, a chronic pain is often treated daily, weekly or every 2 weeks for 3-4 treatments and then at wider intervals. We offer block bookings of 5 or 10 treatments to make the process more affordable when several sessions are needed.

When the problem reason of the consultation is under control, regular check-ups every 6 months are the most effective way to avoid future injuries and to maintain an optimum state of health. This is especially important for animal athletes, in very hard work or animals with chronic problems.

A vast majority of animals will improve significantly after the first treatment, although at least 3-4 treatments should be given before deciding that complementary treatments don’t work for your animal.